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Whilst each project is different, the following summarises the journey we take with each client.

1. Initial Chat & Development

Initially we focus on building personal rapport, and then share our thoughts with each other establishing a positive connection and develop a new project through a series of open and exploratory conversations, carefully absorbing to your desires, inspirations and practical requirements, we will then begin to introduce our own response with suggestions showing you a range of visual references and examples. This chat becomes the starting point in our pathway to achieving your dream home.

The initial phase allows us to sketch out and communicate with you our initial design concepts, articulating a shared vision for the project creating a solid and structured foundation from inception.  At this stage we also discuss your budget which helps determine all of our options. We endeavour to help improve your home regardless of budget and work on projects of every scale

2. Design Brief

After the initial consultation period a design brief will be produced. This will detail all areas of the property/rooms that you want us to focus on and in essence determine your choice of style, colour and other important requirements. Our design team will create and present a beautiful and functional design brief in the form of mood boards which will help you get a visual idea of the concept and once you’re completely happy, we can proceed to the next phase.

3. Functional Layouts & Floor Plan

After out briefing we will prepare number options that illustrate your design layout presented as a top view floor plan, this ensure the space has been arranged to your satisfaction and we have maximized the spatial potential by including all furnishings within the floor plan.  This view shows the best possible aesthetic arrangement of the room allowing us to appreciate the spatial overview which will illustrate and expose other aspects such as maximum storage potential, designated living space, bespoke furniture possibility etc.

4. 3D Designs

& 2D Drawings

After the layout and design brief has been confirmed our designers will create a number of 3D visualisations which essentially show a like for like replica of the finished room. The different visual perspectives of the room allow you to so see how the interior design will look when completed demonstrating a near perfect and realistic recreation. The 3D drawings will be inclusive of all colours, fittings and features and empowers the client to understand our use of materials, fabrics and wallpapers.

We can also supply set of 2D drawings (if needed) including electrical plans, positions of radiators and fittings and any structural changes as applicable.All 3D and 2D designs also allow for final tweaking providing a detailed review of the complete look of the project which can then be finalized and agreed. We will endeavour to use your feedback to refine any design ideas or changes until left with a unified concept and design scheme.

5. Specification of Products & Materials

Once the 3d design scheme has been agreed, you will receive an itemized product list in the form of a spreadsheet showing all materials and items used in your project. The spreadsheet will include all links to the retailers where all pending purchases will be made. It is imperative to us that the total cost will not exceed the budget as agreed from inception.

6. Implementation

The design is then fully implemented and installed as applicable within a finalized budget, agreed product list and timeframe.

In some cases our journey will finish here. However, JJ Design is happy to help you with implementation.

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