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JJ Design Studio was founded by Julia, an interior designer with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Before starting this company, Julia received the formal education required to become a successful and sought-after interior design specialist, which culminated in her receiving a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture. Her passion for interior design forms the ethos for the entire studio, and this passion is evident in every project the studio undertakes.

Our boutique interior design studio is located in South London, allowing us to draw inspiration from a huge range of the capital’s most spectacular interiors. We don’t just limit our service to the surrounding area though, as instead we are able to give remote interior designer consultations, to clients throughout the world.

Our interior design service is available to all, from those looking for a simple redesign of a room, all the way through to those looking for a complete house design. We also pride ourselves in being able to source the highest quality bespoke furniture, specially made to complement your newly revamped space.


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